29 June 2013

Replacing Google Reader

Google Reader is shutting down on 1 July. That’s just two days away! I better stop procrastinating and find an alternative.

So what RSS sync services do we have available:

  • Feed Wrangler
    • $18.99 per year.
    • Web interface, iPhone app and iPad app available.
    • Reeder 3.2 (not yet available, but has been submitted to the App Store) will support it.
    • Supports “Smart streams” (think smart play list in iTunes), which I think I might find handy.
    • Supports “Filters”.
  • Feedbin
    • $2 per month.
    • Supported by Reeder for iPhone.
    • Supports tags.
  • Feedly
    • Seems like the focus is on the web app aspects, rather than a syncing service. I’m not really interested in that, I prefer native apps.

I’ve decided to go with Feed Wrangler for the following reasons:

  • Seems like it has good focus on being a fast and reliable syncing service.
  • Reeder for iPhone supports it, and Reeder for iPad and Mac will likely support it in the future.
  • The smart streams feature sounds like it could be useful.

Feedbin looks like it would also be a good choice, but I had to choose one.

In terms of a RSS client, I have been using Reeder on all my devices (Mac, iPhone and iPad) for a while now, and I am really happy with it. Unfortunately, only Reeder for iPhone supports Feed Wrangler, but support for iPad and Mac looks like it’ll come eventually. In the mean time, I guess I’ll use the Feed Wrangler app on iPad, and the the Feed Wrangler web interface on the Mac.