15 July 2012

Mount Remarkable Summit

Nina and I have been to Mount Remarkable National Park many times, but until a few weeks ago, we had never made it to the summit, which is pretty strange, because usually "a summit" is the first thing we visit.

We started the "Summit Hike" from the "Monument" (a monument to WWII diggers) at the foot of the mountain near Melrose, in the early afternoon. The walk was quite easy - definitely not steep - and at a leisurely pace it took us around two and half hours to get to the summit. There isn't a terrific view from the summit, because of the surrounding trees. The old survey trig is still there, as well as an enormous cairn.

Summit cairn

Interesting stuff on the way up included: large scree slopes which are quite impressive in their scale, expansive views across Willochra Plain and Melrose, and the wreckage of a light airplane that crashed in 1980 trying to land in fog. We wondered why the wreckage was never removed.

View of Melrose and Willochra Plain

Scree slope

We camped at the "Summit Camp", which is 5 minutes walk from the actual summit. The camp site is nothing special, just a big clearing along a fire trail which includes a small water tank for campers. We liked it. Being Winter, it was bitterly cold (for us mild climate people). Sunrise was a nice site.

Summit camp at sunrise

Some more photos here.